Thursday, March 24, 2011

Angels of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1 - Earth

I was going to write this review about a month ago and rembered to do it when I saw one of the people I watch already have this album reviewed, so now it's my turn to give my opinions on this beast of an album.

Earth started out making some of the loudest and longest metal songs with intense guitar droning, which inspired the whole drone doom genre. Now there's handfulls of artists making that music, but after a few releases, they decided to take there music in a different direction.

The past three albums have revolved around this kind of westernized sound of stoner metal, but laid out and relaxed to give it a nice psychedelic feel. While Hex was still quite dark, Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull moved away from the doom-like sound and into a more rythmaticly beautiful place. In this album, Angels Of Darkness, you'll find a cello played out on the tracks. Now personally the cello doesn't stick out as much as I think they wanted to on most tracks, but once you hit that self titled track, that's when the cello really sucks you in. 

'Old Black' immediatly sets the mood for this album right from the start. Allot of people have a way of saying, "this is the type of music you get stoned to without having to even use a drug". It's pretty much that. I mean the stoner riffs on this album really flow together when droned and seem relaxing in a sense of euphoria. If you aren't relaxed by that track, then I think the track "Father Midnight" might do the trick. 

'Descent To The Zenith' continues this nice trip and keeps the atmosphere alive, making you flow even deeper int othe music. Literally, when I listen to this album I can feel myself moving closer to the speaker like as if it's literally just drawing me in from relaxation. I wouldn't go as far to call this track the best, because it's probably the weakest in my opinion, but at the same time I feel like it does a good job keeping you glued to the music.

If you want to try to give an introduction of this band to anyone, 'Hell's Winter' would be the correct choice. This song speeds up the tempo and isn't as drone-like, but it still has the atmosphere needed. Of course the title track, also the final track on the album is the best one on the entire album, weighing at twenty minutes long. I mean, damn. It's all perfectly timed in the song doesn't get boring in any sense of way. Actually, that's something I should olaberate on.

When I say the words relaxing and slow, don't think this is a boring album, because it's not. This album holds as much intensity then allot of Death Metal bands have, but also holds a center of beauty that nobody can completely do themselves. What i'm saying is that the style that Earth plays it purely original and they've given out two different types of music to the music world now with their two different sound phases they've gone from. 


  1. Awesome review, you should post some pictures or videos too.

  2. I agree, but very good reviews.

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  4. Nice post! I'll definitely be keeping up with this blog. :)

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  6. Maybe put a youtube video of some of their music at the tops of your reviews?
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  7. Thanks for this. Will check them out!