Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunset Mission by Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

Sunset Mission is a cult album by one of the greatest jazz groups ever created, Bohren & Der Club of Gore. They spawned this genre of Darkjazz/Doomjazz in 1994’. Sunset Mission is the first album by the band that was to include a saxophone and it’s clearly the best playing by the saxophone in the band yet. 

The sound of the album is exactly what the cover shows you – The midnight down town area in a rainstorm. All songs have this powerful atmospheric feel that brings this dark noir sound to it and mixes it with the feel of comfort. It’s complicated to explain but when you listen to it, you feel yourself exactly in the mind of what they wanted.

“Prowler” is that track that starts off the album and defines what Sunset Mission is. It’s this laid back soundtrack to a warm night watching rain hit the windows. “On Demon Wings” has this heartache felt and the saxophone sounds so beautiful if you blast this as high as you can on your speakers. I do feel like I’m in the middle of a David Lynch film listening to “Midnight Walker” with its more upbeat and progressive ambience. 

“Street Tattoo” is a song I had on repeat allot during this drought that happened in Texas a while ago. It really had a rainy feel to the song and I would play it at night thinking that it was raining. Jesus fucking Christ on a stick this song is so atmospheric it’s like an out of body experience. 

“Painless Steal Angels” is the most ambient track and experimental. It doesn't quite fit with most of the tracks, but it is the center point of the album.

“Darkstalker” feels like a never ending deep jam of relaxation and chaos in one. The saxophone makes me think of echoes down streets and the piano gives me this feeling of bleakness. It does allot like “Nightwolf”, the longest track on the album. The track really features on this dramatic saxophone telling some type of story. Well, at least that’s what I hear.

“Black City Skyline” is sublime and strange. It’s not really relaxing, but more exotic, sensual, but at the same time frightening. 

The album ends with “Dead End Angels”. And that’s exactly what this track leads you to, the dead end in some rainy alley way of darkness. It’s probably the spookier track on the album and perfect being the final one on it.

Trust me; this is an album you’ll want to fuck if it were a person. I listen to it almost every fucking day because it calms me. But don’t think this album is just to calm you. This album fits all moods. It’s an open book and an album you can put on repeat for a while. This album is for everyone. Even If you’re some big Metal head, you’ll like this. 


  1. Never heard of them before going to look into this more deeply.

  2. I didn't know about them before. Thanks for the tips. Will be interesting to follow you.

  3. yeah, I feel like a 50's cop :D

  4. Not really a fan of jazz, but I'll give the album a listen after such high praise. :)

  5. Listen to this song together with this
    So relaxed right now

  6. Not really a fan of this genre, but i can see this growing on me.

  7. yeah never heard of this group, but ima check them out more on youtube. thanks!