Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Perdition City by Ulver review (my personal music reviews)

Ulver started off as a black metal band, but turned into an experimental Avant Garde group of many different styles of music. "Perdition City" is the most atmospheric album I've heard to date. It makes you feel like your walking downtown in the rain storm to get home.

The first track, "Lost In Moments" is a jazzy trip hop song with a beautiful saxophone. The ending is surprising and tells you, "This is not your normal album." I would describe this song as the main setting for the record.

"Porn Piece Or The Scar Of Cold Kisses" is more of a darker track but still contains the jazz elements. It's one of the only songs with vocals on the album. The lyrics themselves tell you about someone walking in a town as train pass by. When I listen to this track I feel like it's midnight and I'm watching a building on fire in the rain. The song can give you many different ideas and emotions.

"Hallways Of Always" is another jazzy song, but uses more experimental beats. It's climax is beautiful and makes the song into the albums best track in my opinion. It contains everything the album is meant to have - experimentation, beauty, sadness, and strength.

"Tomorrow Never Knows" is the apocalyptic avant garde song that uses random techno beats to give you that end of the world picture of mind. "The Future Sound Of Music" starts off slow but turns int o an epic. I really don't know how to describe how amazing this song is.

"We Are The Dead" is a very disturbing ambient track that I've sometimes skipped because it freaks me out so much. The ambient style continues in "Dead City Centres" for a bit, but then leads into trip hop beats and sounds that came from amusement park rides and black and white movies.

"Catalept" is almost like a remix of a classical song and leads to the final track, "Nowhere/Catastrophe", a fully vocal sound with amazingly catchy beats mixed with piano. It gives me the feeling of looking up at the stars as rain is coming down on me. The vocals are badass make the ending of the album the perfect ending for itself.

"Perdition City" is another personal favorite album of mine that many people don't understand. Do you?

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