Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Signify by Porcupine Tree

Bornlivedie" is the premise of the prelude of the album. The first (second really) track, "Signify" is an instrumental track where all the band members take turns showing their talents with guitar solos, ear blasting bass, crazy synthesizer sounds, and bad ass drumming.

"Sleep Of No Dreaming" seems to be the first Porcupine Tree to give that dramatic example of music they show now. The song seems complicated to me with it's softness then heavy chorus. The complexity of the song is what makes it stand though. After this song is, "Pagan" which is a short loop that leads into the albums best song, "Waiting".

"Waiting" is just so fucking God Tier that I really don't know what to say about it. The lyrics are simple but you can relate to it in an uncheesy way. The David Gilmour inspired solos might actually be one of the most moving solos I've heard to date in this track. The song continues into "Waiting Phase Two" which is the darker side of the song and is completely instrumental. It's climax is extreme and keeps the rhythm of the album going. This song also foreshadows the darkness on the rest of the songs on the album.

"Sever" is a somewhat trip on acid gone wrong or an apocalyptic fairy-tell soundtrack. The creepy guy laughing and talking in the song gives it that very morbid and surreal chaotic feel to it. Steven Wilson's vocals on the song are noticed in different pitches which shows that he is also not just good with instruments, but also with his vocals.

"Idiot Prayer" shares many attributes to the first track, but has more softer side and psychedelic to it.

"Every Home Is Wired" has a beautiful harmony and seems very simple at first, but then ends with a different style of... I really don't know. 

"Intermediate Jesus" is a very fun instrumental song with real quotes from some type of priest as the band just jams out and shows a very old side of them which goes back to the first album. I love this track because it's a good jam and makes me laugh.

"Light Mass Prayers" is an ambient track that puts you in a sleepy and relaxed mood. The song reminds me of Steven Wilson's drone project,Bass Communion. This track is intense but still feels atmospheric.

The final track, "Dark Matter" is exactly what the title says. Although it's melodic, the lyrics are tragic and dark. The ending solo of the song is what the album has progressed and lead up to - A very dramatic, heavy, ecstatic solo that couldn't end the album any better.

Although it's not Porcupine Tree's most noticed or loved album, it's the album that was needed to make the band keep making it's music. 

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