Thursday, March 31, 2011

Choirs Of The Eye by Kayo Dot

Choirs Of The Eye is an undescriptive album for open minded listeners. This band consists of five multi-instrumentalists. The reason why you should be cautious listening to it is because it's very "artsy", complicatedly recorded, and something you'll probably never here come from anyone else  except by the band that made this album, Kayo Dot.

Each song has it's own type of style. You'll here melodic classical parts that spiral into destructive grindcore vocals. The first song, "Marathon" is a huge mind fuck. If you know what post rock is, you know that is usually starts soft then goes into a climax. This song is the opposite. It's a reverse post rock song. You get to really hear that trumpet ring in this track. Toby Driver's vocals are soft, beautiful and don't seem harsh in this track. This song just seems so spooky to me every time I listen to it. but once you get about four minutes into the song, you get to hear the other side of Driver's dark, hard vocals.

"Pitcher Of Summer" is the second track and keeps it's softness for a reason. It's preparing you for the third track. Many reviewers call this track weak compared to the rest, but I call bullshit.

Then you reach the fourteen minute progressive epic song that rips you to fucking shreds, "The Manifold Curiosity". You can't ask for any more when you hear flutes and clarinets solo together at the five minute peak. Then you get a peaceful side to the song that only climaxes into the guitar tearing your ears to pieces when every member of the group starts soloing at the same time and it sounds like complete fucking chaos. It's hard to describe how fucking crazy the last four minutes are other then that it's the best outro of a song ever.

"Wayfarer" contains an amazing buildup with amazing vocals. The violin is scary and peaceful at the same time. This song is kind of like a slower and saddening version of Manifold Curiosity. The lyrics are poetic and sensational. This song can't go wrong in any way possible.

"The Antique" sums up all tracks in one and you get a charm off each instrument played. It also contains a pretty epic ending (not as epic as Manifold Curiosity). Although I find this track to be the most chaotic by how slowly the guitar riffs go. The last four minutes are pretty fucking good too. I gotta love the trumpet at the end also.

All in all it's a fistfuck awesome album.


  1. Eh, okay stuff. Not really to my liking although.

  2. not really into it but hey whatever you dig!

  3. You are legitimately one of the only blogs I wish I remembered to check every day without you commenting on me first. Everything you post is awesome.