Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Door by Religious Knives review

Religious Knives started as an industrial band but moved onto experimental genre's. They're sound is more of a psychedelic drone with trippy vocals. The Door takes on a slower rhythm but a catchier side also.

"Downstairs" has a jazzy feel and turns into a nice jam for relaxing. This track is mainly different from the others by not using the eerie noise sound effects. It almost sounds like a mix of Jim Morrison if he would of made world music.

The melody of "Basement Watch" is easy listening and simple. It's also abstract by using the instruments in a drone fashion and flowing with the vocals. The song is all over the map. 

"On A Drive" and "The Storm" show the more exotic side of the album. These tracks are slow and bizarre. The off centered drums and the fuzzy guitar playing quietly gives it a chilling effect. Vocals on this track just hit the nail even harder. The Storm shows a really nice image of weather to help the atmospheric feeling. 

"Major Score" surprisingly comes up as a faster with agitated vocals. Distorted guitars, unclear drum loops, and intensity all go together into this track. It seems to be chill in a strange way, but at the same time purposely off centered.

"Decisions Are Made" is pretty much every other truck in one. Both the male and female vocals function together perfectly. I can feel the crumbling madness that they want to show and the flashy randomness in it.

Alltogether the album turns out to be a wicked turn of bringing 60's psychedelic back with noise. This album is for anyone who is a fan of The Doors, Velvet Underground, and Syd Barret. 

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