Thursday, March 24, 2011

Doll Doll Doll by Venetian Snares

Doll Doll Doll is the cult favorite album by Venetian Snares which created a large spark in the breakcore genre. It inspired many other genre's in the electronic genre. Not only is this album haunting and strange, but it's strangely fun and exciting. 

"Pygmalion" starts the example of what breakcore is very quick. High BPM with industrial based kicks. "Remi" is another nonstop breakcore track that can be described as a seizure. 

What I really like about breakcore is how open it is to experimentation, as seen in, "I Rent The Ocean". It has a dark feeling with saxophones, piano's and horns along with really eerie distorted drums. The choir kicks in around 2:20 along with strange vocal sounds. It's a really fucked up strange track that makes me want to a worm dance while being stabbed in the back by a pitchfork.

"Dollmaker" is the centerpoint of the album and contains violins, crazy fucking jazz drumming solo with some violent vocals saying, "I'll fucking murder you young style like JonBenet Ramsey!" It's just fucking hilarious.

Then you reach "Befriend A Child Killer". It's atmospherically disturbing and not something you'd want to try and fall asleep to. It contains allot of similarities to "All The Children Are Dead". These two tracks are scary breakbeats mixed with classical and violent drone noises. 

"Pressure Torture" is the strongest and craziest spastic breakcore track on the album. It's never ending and the samples are horrifying. "Macerate And Petrify" is Venetian Snares' strangest track yet. 

I can say this album is one hell of a trip. It's strange and fucking awesome. If you like electronic, don't play this thinking it's something you've heard before. This will make your ears bleed from exploding beats and ejaculate semen from enjoyment at the same time.


  1. I've never heard of breakcore and today I can honestly say I've learned something. Thank you.

  2. I love venetian snares! Check my blog i posted some squarepusher earlier! Regards!

  3. I don't know if I even want to listen to it, but I must give everything a try... Getting stabbed in the back with a pitchfork though... Not my average thursday evening..

  4. Pretty intense song ! Not used to this style, but it was pretty good.

  5. I enjoyed :3
    also you are now F to the ollowed

  6. Sounds pretty wild, good review!

  7. nice review.
    the song is .. kinda weird oO

  8. nice song, never knew this type of music was called breakcore

  9. Love the venetian snares. They have so much depth.