Friday, March 25, 2011

Torture Garden by Naked City

Torture Garden by Naked City is easily the most brutal album ever created. All these tracks that last from around 13 to 50 seconds are fast paced curb stomps on your face. This music makes Cannibal Corpse look like a six year old girl wearing a tutu dress. Nothing can ever compare to how insane this music is. Even Jeffrey Dahmer listened to half of the album, took off the headphones and said, “This is too much for me.”

But what the fuck is it? That’s what you think when you first listen to it. WHAT IN THE FUCK AM I LISTENING TO? Many people like to call this, jazzgrind – A mixture of jazz and grindcore. Each instrument plays a special part to each miniature track. 

The most obvious instrument to make Torture City sound so fucking strange and insane is John Zorn’s Saxophone. He’ll play these randomly high notes or have a small jazz solo that seems all happy, and then bursts into fucking PCP murder sprees. 

Yamatsuka Eye’s vocals are the other key pointer to the music. He has these awful, sometimes hilarious screaming’s. He always thinks of new ways to make his voice sound weird too, like in some tracks you can hear him making choking and vomiting noises. Let me also say, there is no lyrics. He is literally saying gibberish. That’s what makes it a fuckload better.

Joey Baron has these unnecessary random drum solos and stick tapings that really add to a nice humor to the tracks. Of course the bass player, Fred Frith is pretty funny too when you get to hear those small jazz parts before the chaos where he just does some random solo. Bill Frisell beats his distorted guitar and randomly switches to a nice melodic sound. Wayne Horvitz on keyboards really adds to the funny jazz layers when things get soft.

Each track is just so violent, chaotic, and almost too much. Allot of people will ask, is this even music? How could this be good? 

The answer is that this album is going to either piss you off or make you piss your pants laughing. It’s an amazing experience and I love the album. Your eyes are wide open the hole time and you’ll be going, “WHAT THE FUCK” nonstop. It’s the music made for nobody, but I think you should try it. You might just shit yourself.


  1. This album is quite brutal! I enjoyed it very much.

    Keep up the good posts

  2. haha holy crap, that was unique to say the least haha

  3. Jambaman said what I was thinking, nice blog though 1+ follower.

  4. I really don't get this music at all. sounds strange.

  5. Never heard of these guys. Pretty interesting, to say the least.

  6. Most brutal ever? Them's some pretty strong words

  7. Nice one man. Looking forward to the next one.

  8. Neato! Followed!

  9. Torture Garden? Naked City?
    You have my attention.