Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Good The Bad and The Queen review

The Good, The Bad, And The Queen is an unnamed project by Paul Simonon, Simon Tong, Tony Allen, and mainly Damon Albarn. Most of you might know Damon Albarn from his two projects Blur and Gorillaz. He is also the creator of this folk project also. It’s quite funny because many people think that the band name is “The Good, The Bad, And the Queen”, but like I said, it’s unnamed.

“History Song” sets the atmosphere of this concept album about life in London. The acoustic guitars and vocals are aspiring. It’s similar to *80’s Life”, which is sounds like a hymn for a funeral. 

“Northern Whale” is one of my favorites on the album. I hear this downtempo style that reminds me of Gorillaz, but this is a softer side of Damon Albarn and one of the only upbeat songs on the album.

“Kingdom Of Doom” is another acoustic with huge bass lines. Albarn’s voice is pure magic on this track, which might explain why they chose this song as there hit. It has a very pop feel to it, but not too commercial lyrically. I think one of the most important things were for the project to not grow overrated and stay more of a fan favorite.

“Herculean” is more melodic then the other tracks and stands out as a chill track. Although it still holds tension through the background voices. 

“Behind The Sun” is almost like I’m listening to apocalyptic folk band Death In June, but at the same time it would be too soft to fall in that category. This is proven on the next track, “The Bunting Song” due to the simplicity of the song but rhythm. 

“Nature Springs” is like a jazzy chill out track for driving down the town on a nice sunny day. The lyrics can really tell the story that Albarn said makes the concept album. “A Soldier’s Tale” is so beautiful and peaceful that I really feel relaxed completely by it.

They say the best two tracks of the album as the last two. “Green Fields” is addicting, powerful, and really fits British pop. The final track, “The Good, The Bad, And the Queen” is an epic mother fucking work of fucking art mother fuckers. The piano, Albarns mother fucking awesome ass vocals, and the full out crazy jam at the end of the song that feels like it could never end just proves that this project is different than Blur and Gorillaz. Not only that, but its better. 

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  1. Just listened to green fields on youtube.
    This is awesome. Thx for the heads up.